Thursday, December 20, 2012

How this site works


Thanks for checking out bike gossip girl.  We recently received the below email from someone:

Is this site real?

Is this site real and will any tips I offer truly be anonymous?

Boca Di Bici

We'd like to take this opportunity to explain to you how this blog works.  Bike Gossip Girl is all of us.  This blog contains posts from multiple authors - some who submitted many posts, some who submitted just one.  If you have some gossip that you'd like to share anonymously, this is your venue!

Here is how it works:

Email your post to:  You should write your email just as you would like the post to appear on the website.  Have the post title in the subject line of the email, and the post itself in the email body. Have your post written just as you would like it to appear on the website.  The admins of this website don't need to edit your work (although we might, if we feel like there is a good one liner that just needs to go in).

Also, no need for gossip to be long.  Of course, we love long funny posts with trite one-liners... but if you have some gossip that just needs to be out there, a sentence or two will do.

After you send an email, your post will display like this in the admin panel.

The picture above is to assure you that your submission is completely anonymous.  As you can see, when Boca Di Bici sent the above email to the, it just populated as a draft post automatically the blog -- with "bike gossip girl" as the author.  The admins have absolutely no idea what email any post came from.

After posts are submitted as drafts, the admins of the site will hit publish, and they will go on the blog - with "bike gossip girl" as the author.  It could be made so that emails you send are automatically published as posts, but we are concerned about spam, so for now they will go as saved drafts first.

So, there you see, everyone can be bike gossip girl~ no one knows who said what, not even the blog creators - who may not even write one post.

Any more questions?  Please ask us.  But more importantly, please send gossip posts!  We need lots more dirt on the peloton.   


  1. This is brilliant! Love it. Wish there was a way to subscribe to the blog.....

  2. great idea - added on the right column.
    feel free to submit - old school gossip accepted too!

  3. perfect! we need more sights like this...